Mercer County

The City of Hermitage and UPMC are partnering in support of Minutes Matter, a UPMC community initiative. Minutes Matter aims to provide Mercer County and surrounding communities with emergency education and information on cardiac eventsoverdosesuncontrolled bleeding, and mental health.


Hermitage Pennsylvania



UPMC introduced Minutes Matter to the Mercer County region during the UPMC Jameson high school robotics event on October 31, 2023. Approximately 200 students attended the event and learned how they could help during emergencies.

“How those first few minutes are handled during a medical or overdose emergency greatly impacts a person's survival rate of that event,” said Michele Albaugh, nurse coordinator, UPMC Horizon and UPMC Jameson. “One in ten will survive a cardiac arrest if the only intervention provided is dialing 911. Five in ten will survive a cardiac arrest if chest compressions are provided and an AED is used."

Minutes Matter in Mercer County

Have you ever learned how to help someone experiencing a mental health crisis? Would you know how to perform chest compressions or apply an AED during a cardiac arrest? UPMC experts will be onsite at community events and activities throughout Mercer County to help bring visibility to these life-saving interventions, talk more about how important training is, and give people opportunities to see how they could help save a life.